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Are you moving to a new retirement property?

Find your inner peace

Advice for making the most of your new home with balconies and patios.

Maximise your outdoor space

You can create a beautiful and calming space with a smaller balcony or patio if you choose wisely. Seats with either built-in or a separate side table can work very well. If you choose a larger table then not only can you use if for meals but also for planting up or crafts. (We supply special trays to keep the soil in when planting up.)

A few planters, lights and decorations can transform a humble space into a personal and rewarding area.

Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Think of Tomorrow

We want you to be enjoying sitting on the balcony for many years in complete comfort. If you consider how we physically change, you can future proof your balcony with our seats. Guaranteed for 10 years, nearly all our customers swear that they have enjoyed better comfort as a result.

Take it easy

Living above the ground floor can add an extra burden to moving in. When you select chairs and tables for your balcony, there are a few extra things to consider. Can you get the seat in the lift and through doors? Don’t think that you always can. Is there enough space to assemble the items? Is the Balcony door wide enough? Once on the balcony, does the furniture take up too much space?

We can help solve all of these issues. Just ask our friendly team.

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