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Garden Bench Curver 2 Seat



Where advanced engineering meets tradition

Zone support makes for the ultimate comfort with our Curver seats.

Your knees and hips both naturally sit at the correct angle with the higher seat and the inclined back gives you comfort to while away the hours.

  • The seat is contoured to cradle the hips which helps get in and out whilst adding to comfort.
  • The back legs and backrests are angled to the recommended degree.
  • The Arms rest is structurally engineered to withstand lots of use over the years.
  • The highest grade timber is used for longevity and zero maintenance
  • 16 years experience in building our own seats for those over 50.

A 4 foot bench for 2 people sitting comfortably.


Additional information

Weight25 kg
Seat Height (mm)

460mm, 470mm, 480mm, 490mm, 500mm, 510mm, 520mm, 530mm, 540mm, 550mm, 560mm, 570mm, 580mm, 590mm, 600mm, 610mm, 620mm, 630mm, custom other


Std VAT, VAT Exempt


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